I am delighted that “More than Weeds” has been featured in an article in the Guardian, as part of the “Wild Cities” week:


If you’ve landed on my website from the Guardian article, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for “weed” pictures, advice, science and help with identification!

One thought on “More than Weeds featured in the Guardian

  1. Sophie

    I put your photo on the Whatsapp chat of the Dorset Flora Group and passed it to another friend in Hants. Everyone seems to think writing names on the pavement is a great idea. Rob Aquilina from Christchurch subsequently noticed some graffiti in Highcliffe (Dorset, but vc11) and photographed the attached. Pity about the name, but maybe it was deliberate to send any observer back to a book or internet to check it and find somebody to complain to!



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