I gave a talk on the flora of London’s pavements on Thursday, October 15, as part of London Natural History Society‘s series of Virtual Natural History Talks.

The pavements and tree pits of London are home to hundreds of plant species. Often dismissed as “weeds”, these plants form a key part of urban biodiversity, supporting insects, birds and many other organisms. Sophie will explore some of the common or surprising plants that can be encountered in the city, and highlight ways to make these plants more accepted in our streets.

Many thanks to the over 200 people who attended the talk, raised questions and sent me comments afterwards! Special thanks too to those of you who have supported the project with a little coffee. ☕

Read a review of my talk on the excellent blog “Bugwoman”:

You can also watch it from the Youtube page of the London Natural History Society here:

If you’d like to support More Than Weeds, and help me create even more resources to raise awareness on urban flora, please feel free to buy me a coffee (the money may also go towards chalk to write plant names) using the link below, it is very much appreciated! 🙂

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