More Than Weeds” is a project aimed at changing our perception of urban plants growing on walls, pavement or tree pits.

Inspired by the “Sauvages de ma rue” (“Wild plants of my street”) initiative created in France in 2001, I am hoping to spark interest in urban flora through guided walks, social media and other communications, exhibitions and the publication of identification guides. I would also like to encourage local authorities to embrace urban biodiversity and learn how to live with plants growing on pavements, walls or in tree pits, by managing them in a sustainable and biodiversity-friendly way.

I am hoping to establish similar partnerships with botanical and nature conservation organisations, as well as local authorities and community groups.

If you’d like to offer a little help, or if you belong to an organisation, and are interested in collaborating with me, please visit this dedicated page: Support the project

To find out more about the project, visit The project