I have created a map of “weed-friendly” initiatives taken by councils around the UK. These initiatives range from a reduction or even a ban on spraying of glyphosate, to the use of weeding alternatives such as hot foam or actions to make spontaneous plant growth more accepted, with a reduction in weeding altogether.

While all these initiatives should be applauded, I hope to encourage more councils to let their weeds grow, rather than simply replace glyphosate with alternative methods.

When managed suitably (to avoid health and safety risks or blocked gutters), plants that we call “weeds” can offer significant contribution to urban biodiversity, including in areas with green spaces deficits where they may help alleviate flood risks and reduce atmospheric pollution, in addition to helping residents reconnect with nature.

Rather than worry about how “untidy” weeds look, perhaps we should start thinking about what they can bring to our lives?

I will add new initiatives to the map on a regular basis. If you know of an initiative that isn’t pointed out here, please contact me and I will add it.