So you have found an interesting plant in your street, but are struggling to identify it?

The website of BSBI has a selection of resources that will help you give a name to your mystery plant! You could:

  • upload your plant on Ispot (via the website or a phone app) to receive ID suggestions from the botanical community
  • use identification websites such as Floral Images (if your plant has visible flowers) or Botanical Keys
  • tweet me @morethanweeds or @bsbibotany using the hashtag #morethanweeds
  • contact me via this website
  • contact your local botanical group, as they will be familiar with the local flora

A map of UK groups undertaking plant recording in villages, towns and cities is currently in preparation.

I am also hoping to write a guidebook to plants found on British pavements, and possibly a fold-out chart that could be easily carried around while walking.