If you are wandering the streets of your town, there’s a good chance that you have a phone in your pocket. Did you know that you can send records or plants that you’ve seen in just a few clicks, using phone apps? This data is then shared and can be used by scientists for further studies.

There are quite a few apps

The iRecord app (available on Android and iOs) allows you to record plants and animals that you have spotted directly from your phone. This is operated by Biological Records Centre (BRC) and focused on UK biodiversity.

Another great app to trial is https://www.inaturalist.org/. iNaturalist is a collaborative app – as with iSpot, you can send your records, pictures, sounds etc via the website or an online app (Android or iOS) and citizen scientists (as well as professional experts) will identify your observations. You can record data all around the world and take part in fun challenges such as the City Nature Challenge.

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