I was delighted to take part earlier this month in an event entitled The Habits of Weeds, organised by the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art as part of their “Gardening the Mind” series.

Aimed at showing how urban plants, often cast aside as ‘weeds’, can be beneficial to both our ecosystem and our health, the event was divided into three parts. While my own talk was focused on the diversity of plants and habitats that can be found in our cities, Uriel Orlow‘s performance offered a fascinating art-based insight into the “weeds” of suburban Paris and their relationship with human society, and Dr Nicolette Perry explored the unsuspected medicinal benefits of many of our common plants, and their impact on our modern medicine.

You can watch the recording for this fascinating event here:


And the trailer for Uriel Orlow’s work here: https://vimeo.com/505688993

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