On June 16, I’ll be giving a virtual talk on my favourite topic…of course, that’s pavement plants!

Hundreds of plant species are thought to be growing on the pavements of London. These plants are often dismissed as “weeds”, yet they form a key part of our urban biodiversity. I will introduce some of the common plants that may be found while walking in the streets, but also some of the more surprising ones! With councils slowly reducing or phasing out their use of weedkiller, we may see more pavement plants in the future. I’ll highlight some examples from other countries, and show ways of making these plants more accepted in the urban landscape.

The talk is organised by the wonderful South London Botanical Institute, and will take place via Zoom.

For more details or to register, follow this link: https://www.slbi.org.uk/event/pavement-plants/

8 thoughts on ““Nature beneath our feet” – a virtual talk on June 16

  1. Sophie

    A couple of photos from my road in Broadmayne, Dorset: Euphorbia oblongata ( a new one for me) and Mentha pulegium (yet to flower this year, but forming a good clump).

    Robin Walls


  2. So sorry to miss the lesson!! I eat most of the leaves in that photo!! -not the ones on the streets, of course, a bit poisoned….. I live on Dandelion most of the winter/spring here in Florence, mixed with wild chard and cicory.
    Any chance to have a recording we can listen to? Thank you from Italy!!


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